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zimpel - The Original

The original, and still unrivaled:
Easy handling, premium support, locally based servers and a research team that continuously updates and evolves the database – in dpa quality.

750,000 media contacts worldwide

Your successful communication is based on zimpel. Pinpoint key contacts to cover your story and gain reach to relevant audiences worldwide.

Intuitive and bespoke solutions

Search quickly and intuitively with zimpel - no need for manuals or training. The individually tailored newsfeed provides you with the latest updates of your media contacts.

Free support

We are here to help you. Our team is always on hand, please don’t hesitate to get in touch should you have any questions.

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Packed with premium features

Versatile search functions

Build media lists with zimpel, fast and easily. Generate targeted outreach with search features for topics, media type or region to help you to pinpoint relevant contacts and key audiences.

  • Select your contacts fast and easily and generate, or add, new distribution lists.
  • The search result provides a 360-degree view of your most relevant contact and media information.
  • Use more filters to help locate and target your key audiences.

Mailings with large file attachments are
no problem thanks to zimpel.

We make certain your press kit is targeted to the relevant audiences: zimpel converts your documents and photo material automatically into download links with unlimited capacity. Recipients get a thumbnail preview of the attached documents, keeping mailing size to a minimum and providing journalists with the information which is most relevant to them.

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zimpel distribution service

zimpel distribution lists are ready to use. No subscription is necessary.

Need a distribution list for immediate use? Our research team of experts will help you to generate distribution lists to improve your interaction with specific target markets.

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