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Speculative Application

There is no current job opening available but you think you are the perfect match? Seek out opportunities, take the initiative and send us your application — we'd love to hear from you! Please let us know which of our offices and branches you’re interested in. And why you excel in what you do. Application process: Once your application has been submitted you will be notified. We will review your profile and decide with your preferred department whether your documents meet our current status on plans and requirements. We will take a decision as quickly as we can. Sometimes it’s a perfect match right away. Or we might ask for your permission to save your documents and stay in touch. And sometimes it just doesn’t match. Expect our feedback in any case.

If you would like to apply for a job at news aktuell, please send your application and CV by email to Angela Schmid and Vanessa Bauer.

Positions for trainees
and students

Vocational training is being done in three ways. Firstly, concurrent vocational and academic education including graduation as Bachelor of Science Media Management. Secondly, the chamber of commerce vocational training to become Media and Information Services Manager (FaMI), and thirdly the chamber of commerce vocational training to become Media Business Manager Digital & Print.

For further information on the 2018 vacancies please refer to Angela Schmid and Vanessa Bauer.

news aktuell
who we are & what we do

Angela Schmid
Head of Human Resources
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Who we are

news aktuell is a dpa subsidiary, comprising more than 120 employees. All our people contribute time and expertise to ensure superior service quality and to help clients achieve their communication goals.

We are committed to supporting companies and agencies in communicating to the media and their target groups. In close co-operation with dpa we excel in delivering the right experience and expertise to our clients – timely and effective. Passion is the cornerstone of our ability to serve our clients.

Our responsibility

We take a consistent approach to recruiting and developing our staff - respect for each other’s well-being is a priority for us. We are proud owners of the Familiensiegel from the City of Hamburg in honor of our HR work. Flexible arrangement of work schedules and paid time off, health training classes – we try to make it possible. Our culture of appreciation is reflected in every way we deal with our people and their families.

Who we’re looking for

We are looking for enthusiastic professionals who know their job. And for newcomers willing to learn fast and hard. New colleagues who adjust to new settings and love the challenge of managing mobile projects and changing settings. Those who know that personal growth and developing skills is more than just moving up in hierarchies. You have to be up to managing projects, task forces and challenges along the way - taking the company to the next level of growth and operational excellence.

our team

The average employee is 38 years old, enjoys service-oriented performance and the friendly culture of appreciation at work. We enjoy teamwork and many of us have known each other for years.

news aktuell has many faces. For example …

… Team Leader, Father, Runner – Thorsten Dietsche

Video ansehen

We count more than 130 people – let us introduce some of them to you. You might just be about to meet your new work mate.

The news aktuell spirit – enjoy the benefits


Commuting eco-friendly by bus or train, paid for by news aktuell. Well, there’s just very limited parking space available anyway..


Easing stress or back problems, advising on relaxation techniques or nutrition – we provide regular training events.


We are proud to be among those companies carrying the Hamburg family seal. Our employees, for example, benefit from paid time off and flexible part-time arrangements.

Innovative industry

The media and PR industry is constantly changing. And we continue taking a pioneering role.

Knowledge management and professional development

We care and invest resources in developing skills and creating an environment that fosters the growth and knowledge management of our employees.

Flat hierarchies

We foster lean communication management – and a joint responsibility. Personal growth in combination with outstanding project management usually helps you climb the career ladder.

Flexible working hours

Yes, we got it. In compliance with five daily core hours each staff member manages his monthly workload.


Building strong relationships in teams, agile projects, flexible working groups. Or on one’s own.

Feedback and a culture of constructive criticism

We foster a culture of constructive criticism and guide our people on their career path with agile process management.

Social responsibility

We care for our clients and employees by showing mutual respect and our best interest at heart.

The Web

Apple brand - casual web surfing – blogging - well maintained social media profiles: consider it done.

Positive Corporate Culture

We are on first-name terms, like to party and support a business casual dress policy.

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