Press officers are neglecting Influencer-PR

Insight - 18. Mai 18

Despite Influencer-PR being praised by German press officers, it only plays a trivial role in their own media relations. Every second PR-professional regards the use of influencers in their own company’s communication as irrelevant. This is the result of a survey performed by the dpa subsidiary news aktuell and Faktenkontor. Over 590 professionals and managerial representatives of German press offices have participated in the PR-Trendmonitor.

Press offices are neglecting Influencer-PR, Influencer Role for German Press Officers

A large majority of the participants believes in the importance of celebrities, industry experts, bloggers and opinion makers in future corporate communications (76 percent). Only 4 percent regard Influencer-PR as a descending branch.

Nevertheless, only a handful of press spokesmen utilize influencers as the mouthpiece of their company’s message. As such, more than half of the participants feel that their domestic Influencer-PR is either unimportant (41 percent) or completely irrelevant (13 percent). But: At least for every third participant the collaboration with opinion makers in their own presswork is important (35 percent) and in 5 percent of the cases, crucial.

Source: PR-Trendmonitor 2018

Data pool: 596 professionals and managerial representatives of German press offices

Method: Online survey, multiple choice

Survey period: February 2018


Initiators of the survey:

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