Top Ten: The biggest time guzzlers in PR

Kommunikation - 28. Mär 18

Coordination Loops are far and away the most time-consuming factor for PR professionals. This was the conclusion of a survey conducted by news aktuell and Faktenkontor. Ambiguous objectives take the second place of the biggest time guzzlers, closely followed by poor briefings. The dpa subsidiary asked specialists and executives what factors hold up their work the most. Nearly 990 communication professionals have participated in the PR-Trendmonitor.

According to the survey, unnecessary coordination loops cause the largest congestion in the workflow of the participants (59 percent). Goals that have not been clearly defined from the start also cost a lot of time (44 percent). Another bothersome factor for communicators are poor briefings (43 percent).

They are similarly irritated when meetings require too much time, are badly structured and involve too many administrative tasks. As a result, 42 percent of the participants confirmed that reporting, database maintenance, accounting or similar tasks require too much time.

The Top Ten List of the biggest time guzzlers illustrates that many issues affecting the efficiency of companies are caused by shortages in internal communication and organization. Furthermore, despite many advances in automation, there is still a lack of digital PR tools to optimize these workflows. As a result, 23 percent of the participants have confirmed that they have to use multiple tools on multiple channels to distribute their content. The human element, however, also costs time. 19 percent of the asked PR professionals have complained about the inadequate leadership qualities of the supervisor.

The biggest time guzzlers in PR (Top Ten):

  1. Too many coordination loops 59%
  2. Ambiguous objectives 44%
  3. Poor briefings 43%
  4. Unstructured meetings 42%
  5. Administrative tasks 42%
  6. Shifting assignments halfway through the project 26%
  7. Lack of assertiveness towards other departments 24%
  8. Having to distribute PR-content with various tools across multiple channels 23%
  9. Poor project management 21%
  10. Inadequate leadership qualities of the supervisor 19%


Source: PR-Trendmonitor 2018

Data pool: 987 specialists and executives from press offices

Method: Online survey, multiple answers possible

Survey period: February 2018


Initiators of the survey:

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