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Bild-PR im Social Web: Finger weg von (zu viel) Photoshop

Was geht gar nicht bei Bild-PR im Social Web? Klare Antwort: Zu viel Retusche. Das sagt Natanja Marija Grün. Sie kümmert sich seit 2016 um die Themen Social Media und Influencer Marketing bei Ikea Deutschland  und ist in der Welt der Instagram Gemeinde zuhause. In diesem Jahr gehört sie zur Jury unseres PR-Bild Award. In TREIBSTOFF erklärt die Wahlfrankfurterin, wann sie ein Foto im Social Web überzeugt und wann nicht. Und verrät ihr persönliches Foto-Herzensprojekt. 

Media landscape in China: social media as the most important source of collecting information

China, a record-holding country: They constructed the longest bridge in the world and they also hold the record for having the most citizens living in one country with the same surname.  Chinese journalists use mobile websites for their research and social media as a form of communication with the PR-Pros more than any other country. TREIBSTOFF spoke with Lynn Liu, Director of Audience Development and Distribution Services at PR Newswire Asia. He explains which changes need to be considered in the Chinese media landscape by the PR-Pros when wanting to spread their content successfully in the People’s Republic.

Multimedia Storytelling: Future trends in Public Relations

There is no way around the social web for communication experts nowadays. However, does each and every company have to be active on Snapchat, Instagram, and You Tube? Neil Hudd of AP Content Services spoke to TREIBSTOFF about the latest trends in multimedia storytelling. And the business development manager of the worldwide leading news agency gives away the DOs and DONTs of international photo PR, telling us why new technology needs complementary content to go with.