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Which fashion brand is ranked highest among German customers concerning service, quality and pricing? Which is the preferred brand when it comes to food, hotels or even tools? This is the fourth time that news aktuell and Faktenkontor have evaluated 53 Million Social Media posts regarding 3,000 brands for their study “Customer Darlings”. In the following, the most popular brands from 20 different industries have been listed.

Evaluated were statements regarding categories, pricing, service, quality and reputation. The frequency of mentioning, as well as the tonality were contributing factors to the analysis. The evaluation of consumer statements is based on data from Ubermetrics’ web monitoring tool, which monitors 350 Million German-speaking online sources. The analysis was conducted by Valuescope, who used a form of artificial intelligence to obtain the results.

Two interesting facts: If all of the posts had been written down one after another, the world could have been circled one and a half times. And: It would have taken 540 man-years to evaluate the posts, if one had used manpower instead of artificial intelligence for the analysis.

Germany’s Customer Darlings from 20 different industries:

Further information concerning “Customer Darlings”:

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